Master class

Master class 1: Developing a critical lens

Using data to solve real-world problems

Gayla DavidsonScience Teacher, DeSoto West Middle School

Important Themes

Cultivating critical thinking in the classroom using data

Tackling real-life issues using data as an easy starting point

Empowering students with tools to navigate their world

Educator Background

Gayla Davidson

Science Teacher, DeSoto West Middle School

Gayla is a keynote speaker and educational consultant passionate about sharing her expertise and experience in STEM education with educators across the country. She has over 11 years of experience as an educator. Gayla discovered that a data-driven approach inspires students to investigate their own ideas and experiences.

Educator guide
Master class educator guide
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Learn more about the themes explored in the Master class video using this guide, featuring helpful background information and resources for activating students in the classroom.
Educator guide

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About this master class series

Explore the ways educators can leverage data in the classroom to drive discussion and bridge diverse topic areas with this Master class video series. Learn effective ways to incorporate Discover Data resources into your curriculum by going inside the classrooms of two educators who are passionate about the possibilities of data.

Educator webinar

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Looking for ways to adapt lessons for a virtual classroom? DISCOVER DATA….Remotely! is the latest edition in our webinar series. With overviews on how to use popular digital tools with DISCOVER DATA resources, our goal is to provide you with concrete ideas for engaging your students virtually.

Webinar highlights

  • Overview the key points of FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Our Top 10 digital tools for using DISCOVER DATA remotely
  • Making Career Connections: Virtually connecting your class with real-world data professionals
You can use Discover Data in any curriculum—I use it in everything from research to psychology to global studies.