Discover Data volunteers have the unique power to inspire awareness and interest around 21st century careers that use data to make the world a better place. The volunteer component of this program provides students with a first-hand connection to what’s possible as they understand and apply steps in the data science process to problems that interest them. Discover Data’s Volunteer resources are designed to equip our community of data professionals with everything they need to make their classroom visit a success and inspire tomorrow’s leaders with the power of data.

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Volunteer resources

Volunteer resource

Volunteer guide

From setting up your classroom visit to making the most of your volunteering experience, this guide provides volunteers with everything they need to engage students using real-world data activities from Discover Data and their own career experience.
Volunteer resource

Introduction letter

If you are interested in connecting with a specific school, afterschool club or teacher in your community, this Introduction letter provides an overview of Discover Data, its goals and your role as a volunteer in bringing data science careers to life for students.
Volunteer resource

Volunteer webinar

Take a deep-dive into Discover Data and the mission behind the program with our kick-off training webinar. This webinar, aimed at Nielsen volunteers, will demonstrate how to best use Discover Data’s resources on your classroom visit.

Find a classroom

Once you have reviewed the training resources on Discover Data, use the “Find a classroom” tool to connect local educators in your community.

Virtually connect with a data expert

Give students firsthand insight into the ways data is innovating the world around them by facilitating a dynamic data-driven learning session with a real-world data expert.

Become a data advocate today to inspire the STEM workforce of tomorrow.