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Welcome to Discover Data, a program developed to empower your students with one of the future’s most important tools. As technology creates larger amounts of data than ever before, Discover Data is designed to connect students to real world careers, activities and data experts to inspire their understanding of how data is used to innovate across all industries all over the world, along with providing a glimpse into the many diverse and exciting career pathways open to them.
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Standards-aligned and flexibly designed, Discover Data’s multimedia resources can be used with middle and high-school-aged students across the curriculum.  You can also request a visit from a volunteer to have a data professional visit your classroom and discuss their career!
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Student Interactive

Data in My Day

Student Interactive | Data in my Day

10–15 min.
In this self-paced eLearning module, students travel through a typical day to investigate everyday occurrences and discover where and how data and data science play a part. Students will explore the many ways data can be used along with various data-driven careers.

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Classroom Activities

Curriculum Connectors

Discover Data’s Curriculum Connectors provide several beginner and intermediate-level activity ideas tied to a specific theme. These activity ideas are intended for grades 6–12, and give educators the opportunity to integrate real-world data sets into existing curriculum or programming.


Women & Gender Equity at 100

Grade: 6-12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, After school enrichment

Students will assess the extent of the progress in 2020 by analyzing data through women’s changing role in entertainment, professional sports, and leadership.


Using the Census for a U.S. Snapshot

Grade: 6-12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, After school enrichment

Students will use archived Census data to explore changes in U.S. population density, diversity, and voting participation.


Understanding the Election Cycle

Grade: 6-12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, After school enrichment

Students will investigate voting participation rates in elections, the impact of advanced data on campaign advertisements, and the evolving impact of media consumption and election information.

Data During the Holidays

Grade: 6–12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

What holidays are you planning for right now? In these activities, students will have the opportunity to interact with national data, as well as collect data from family and friends, to draw conclusions about consumer behavior.


Grade: 6–12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

Do you prefer to watch the game, the commercials or the halftime show? In these activities, students will investigate consumer data bytes surrounding championship football—such as the fans, the entertainment, and the food.


Grade: 6–12
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

When companies “go green,” do they spend more or make more?  There’s data for that, and these activities inspire students to think like innovators as they use data to solve environmental challenges.


Discover Data’s activities are standards-aligned and flexibly designed. These approximately 45-minute activities are intended for grades 6–8 and can be used in multiple content areas.


Grade: 6–8
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

Why do some cars, clothing items or computers cost more than others? In this activity, students will look at perception data about luxury products and brainstorm with peers to create a luxury product prototype of their own.


Grade: 6–8
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

If you’re a celebrity athlete, does your endorsement potential depend on winning games? In this activity, students will use data to predict how much potential an athlete has for being selected for ads and endorsements.


Grade: 6–8
Subject(s) : ELA, Math, Science, Afterschool Enrichment

How will the media habits of millennials change by the year 2050? In this activity, students will research how different audiences are consuming media and develop predictive models for what media habits will look like in 2050.

Video Career Profiles



As a Client Solutions Executive, Janay ensures that businesses and other organizations receive the specific data they desire based on their individual goals. Watch as she explains how data can even be used to detect things like seasonal consumer habits.



As a Director of Data Science, Ed manages a team of data scientists that specializes in integrating data sets in order to pinpoint useful information. Hear Ed discuss how data can be used to build complete immersive worlds such as through video games.



As a Data Engineer, Kweku helps data get from one place to another reliably by managing how it is stored and used. Hear Kweku talk about encountering data both at work and throughout everyday life, such as taking a ride on public transportation.

Client Operations Manager

As a Client Operations Manager, My visualizes and creates the data process for teams and helps everyone to understand their roles in solving the assigned problem. Learn ways that My also uses data outside of work, including holiday planning.

Client Solutions

As a Director of Client Solutions, Andrew and his team use data to help TV networks understand who is watching so that they can best reach their audience. Learn about Andrew’s upcoming trip abroad and how he uses data from travel reviews to plan the perfect vacation.

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Danielle works with major sports leagues providing insights that help them to create the best experience for their fans. Watch to see Danielle’s predictions on the value of understanding data as a skill for the future.

Career Resource Guides

Careers in data are as limitless as data itself. This field employs communicators, creative thinkers, number-crunchers, problem solvers, and innovators across all industries and the globe.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are information engineers. These professionals are masters at making it easy for us to sort through mountains of data in order to get to a meaningful conclusion.


Innovation Analysts make dreams and ideas into realities. It’s their job to coach clients who are developing new products on how to best make a splash.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers are communicators and translators. Their research and knowledge of market trends and their ability to make and deliver effective presentations help bring the power of data to life.

NEW! Educator Webinar

Looking for ways to adapt lessons for a virtual classroom? DISCOVER DATA….Remotely! is the latest edition in our webinar series.  With overviews on how to use popular digital tools with DISCOVER DATA resources, our goal is to provide you with concrete ideas for engaging your students with data.


Webinar Highlights:

  • Overview the key points of FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Our top 10 digital tools for using DISCOVER DATA remotely
  • Making Career Connections: Virtually connecting your class with real-world data professionals

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